One person Show at Gallery Sho, Osaka. June 9 to 17. Opening reception; Friday June 9th from 5 PM. 




Kiln Building/Firing workshop. December, 2016

This December master kiln builder John Bradford, from Taos, NM, came over to lead a kiln building/firing workshop. With seven participants, five local and two from the US, we built a small anagama that tied into the back of the chimney on our larger anagama. Over two three-day weekends we managed to build it. We loaded on December 27 and 28th. Lit it that evening and fired it off with cone 12 over at midnight New Years Eve. Shiro christened it 'Little Snapper' based on the shape, a name at which most Japanese cringe. It was a great way to ring in the New Year. Pictures below.

Hank Murrow residency and Fall Firing

This fall we were very fortunate to have Hank Murrow here for a 6-week residency. Hank, an Oregon Potter for over 50 years, has been on the forefront of Shino glazes in North America. He was a joy to have around. He gave demonstrations at our studio here and also at The Canadian Academy for the students and teachers there. Hank is an incredibly generous soul and we were very fortunate to have him here. 

    I was also blessed with an wonderful assistant for 3 months this fall: Tyler Billman. A student at the University of Chicago, he had taken a semester off to work with us here. For a 21-year old he was wise and capable beyond his age. He was never late, and never complained about any dismal job I asked him to do. He is sorely missed.

While they were here we fired the big kiln and it was one of the best firings we have had. Another young man, Sean Couley was here for the firing. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to be a conduit for the people who love Japan and ceramics.

Snow Mountain Firing, Reno NV. March, 2016

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