Fieldwork Japan

Fieldwork Japan is located in the rural hamlets of Ogami and Imadani, five kilometers from the center of Sasayama. Sasayama is an old castle town located in the Tanba region of Hyogo Prefecture, about an hour by train from Osaka. Tanba is one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kiln sites. John Dix is the resident potter at Fieldwork. Along with producing his own work, John offers workshops and classes throughout the year. He fosters a community with both local folks and people from around the world coming together for the purpose of making great pots.

The Ogami facilities consist of a pottery studio, anagama kiln, kitchen-dining room, and tea house. Above the studio is a large tatami room that can accommodate up to 6 people. A new multi-purpose studio with a relaxing loft expands the pottery studio, while also giving space for a variety of activities. 

In Imadani, a nearby village, there is a dormitory which can accommodate up to 6 people, with kitchen and bathing facilities.  There is also an organic garden in Imadani.  

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Friends of Ogami (FOO) 10,000¥ a year 大上友の会:年1万円

Accommodation 宿泊

2,000¥ a night (FOG Members 1,500¥) 1泊2千円(友の会メンバー:1500円)

Available for special events

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